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The history of our shop begins in 1948, when Pietro Secchi arrives in Sorso and decides to open a small shop, when still in the village everyone moved on foot, he is the first to rent and sell bicycles, Lambrettas and cars (the first car sold is a Mini Minor). The importance of the business is such that Pietro Secchi was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro and received important awards from the Lambretta company itself. In the 1960s the shop opened a new location, with large and spacious rooms where customers can find spare parts, sports items and much more: at Pietro Secchi you could really find everything! The shop becomes a reference point for the country and for neighboring ones thanks not only to the wide choice of items, but above all thanks to the great passion, competence and dedication of the owner in welcoming and helping his customers, advising with competence and practically repairing anything, thanks to the experience of engine driver on Italian military ships and locomotive driver.

Today the business is carried on by their daughter Francesca and son-in-law Pier Vanni, who have expanded and modernized the business while always remaining faithful to the family tradition of seriousness, professionalism, commitment and honesty both in relations with suppliers and with loyal customers.

Entering our shop you can always find who can give you useful advice on articles and repairs.

Even today, at Pietro Secchi, you can find almost everything!

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